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How Augmented Reality is redefining entertainment

January 25, 2013 by Uncategorized No Comments

Google received plenty of attention this past summer when it announced Google Glasses, possibly the highest-profile use of augmented reality (AR) yet. The glasses incorporate AR data to provide users with information directly on the eyeglass display. By now, you may be familiar with all […]

Developments in Virtual Trial Room Technology

Internet has revolutionised the way we live today. We seek information online, we study online, we watch the news online, we watch movies online, we chat with friends online and we also shop online. Our lives are bound by the internet. As many say, internet […]

Augmented reality vs. QR codes: Which delivers most bang for the buck?

QR code use skyrocketed last year because of how easily the technology bridges digital and real-world engagements. On the other hand, augmented reality offers a more exciting way for brands to interact with consumers, but may not be the right choice in all cases. Magazine […]

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Augmented Reality and Virtual Trial Rooms

Can one imagine walking into a branded store, or for that matter, even an Adidas or a Nike store, which does not have a fitting room? Yet, when the same brands sell online, people cannot try on their garments before buying. The biggest drawback of […]

AR vs VR and the applications of AR

Virtual Reality was a rage once. It had a good run, especially during the 1990s, and perhaps culminating with Second Life in the decade which just closed. But virtual reality is old in the tooth. People are a lot more interested these days in “augmented reality,” or […]

What is Augmented Reality ?

Our fantasy of “What if walls talk?” is now over. They actually can, but all we need to do is to correctly configure them and tag the walls with appropriate properties to augment. Imagine a world with full of hyperlinks that are linked with all […]